Lecture Capture

I find Lecture Capture to be a very interesting topic. I really like sites that have the engaging lectures such as Bozeman’s Science, Crash Course, and Khan Academy. It would be great to personalize the lecture and make it your own. I created a ten module Entomology Course and had envisioned it to include my own video lectures. I used Articulate and had some audio embedded but I never got any video added. I did a search to learn more about using lecture capture and found a really cool possibility for use with Google Hangouts. In the blog called Eduhacker Tim Lepczyk describes how to use Google Hangouts on air for lecture capture (Lepczyk, 2013). The blog gives instructions for how to each step. The major steps are to make a YouTube channel, make a google hangout on the air, and share your video with students. I read through the comments from other teachers and I was reminded of another possible disadvantage of open software. Thinking back to the previous quest one person commented that a flag came up almost instantly when some stock video footage appeared in the background. This is again a consideration when using open ware tools in the class room. I think using google hangouts for lecture capture could be a great tool for supplemental resources. An idea I had was using this lecture capture option as an extra resource for frequently asked questions. Another possibility could be for an extra credit assignment.

Lepczyk, Timothy. (2013). How to Use Google Hangouts for Lecture Capture. Retrieved from:


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